Hunting Big Game in Alberta with Alpine Outfitters

I hunted elk and whitetail deer with Alpine Outfitters in 2011. I was 74 years old at the time, and had hunted for big game at least 55 of those years, including guided hunts in Idaho & Montana the previous 4 falls. The memories of harvesting my first elk and deer more than 60 years ago are truly cherished, but no more than the memories of my hunt with Alpine Outfitters.

The first day was a day for slow walking, bugling, cow calling and more of the same, with only a torn toenail to remember it by. Any misgivings or doubts of the first day were quickly dispelled by 8 AM the second day. Lowell had 2 bulls within several hundred yards challenging each other and coming toward the sweet talking cow (Lowell). One (a 5 X 5, according to Lowell) finally broke out of the bush less than 50 yards away, but behind a spruce tree to me. He debarked a small poplar and disappeared as suddenly as he had arrived.

Day 2 I am sure Lowell felt my disappointment at having been so close and not getting a shot. He calmly suggested we get back to the truck and try another spot a couple of miles further in. This spot was a repeat of the experience of an hour earlier, except this time a 6 X 6 bull stepped out from a spruce tree at about 30 yards. The BIGGEST elk I have ever harvested, down by noon on the second day.

Day 3 was for whitetail hunting out of a pop-up-blind. Saw a lot of does and small bucks (probably 50 or more) but no big bucks.

Day 4 will be with me forever. I now realize the buck I took was small by Alberta standards, but a 120 -130 class whitetail is bragging material in my neck of the woods. That is especially true if that buck has poked his nose inside the window of your blind at least 3 times after coming in from behind the blind unnoticed (He did look a lot bigger at that range with only a pair of binoculars in my hands). The cow elk scent that Lowell had doused me with worked and I believe the buck decided to run out into the middle of the field only when my heart finally started again. The BIGGEST whitetail I have ever harvested, down before sundown on the second day of my deer hunt.

This hunt has all but erased any memories of the 4 previous years. If you can do a hunt with Lowell, by all means do. The food, lodging, hospitality, and especially Lowell’s expertise only add to the pleasant memories I have, and by the way if Lowell suggests spraying you down with odd smelling STUFF, let him, it works, and will wash/ware off. Just don’t take the clothes back home with you until it has been laundered!!

Chuck Roberts, Idaho Falls, Idaho