Hunting Camps

Whitetail Deer Hunting Camp

Our whitetail deer, wolf, elk and ground squirrel (gopher) hunts take place from our fully furnished lodge located 40 minutes south of Grande Prairie Alberta. With 3 bedrooms in the lodge and private cabins located on site, you will be assured a comfortable nigh’ts sleep. Living room, dining room and fireplace create a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding after a day’s hunt.

Our hunting area is a mix of private and public hunting land in the foothills of Alberta, where rising ridges of pine and poplar give way to the Rocky Mountains in the background. Using trucks and quads (ATV’s), we access our hunting area via the logging and oil roads. With bedding, towels and laundry service supplied, it is easy to travel with a minimum of luggage. Hunting stands are located looking over cut blocks and pipelines.

Hunting Ground Squirrel


With thousands of acres available to hunt and thousands of gophers per acre you can expect to shoot hundreds of rounds of ammo during your hunt; most hunters average 700 to 900 rounds per day. With our shooting wagon, you can expect a comfortable and steady rest as you shoot; most shots are in the range of 50 to 200 yards +.

With the high volume shooting we do, accurate 22′s or 17′s rimfires are the caliber of choice, Their low recoil, cheap ammo, and low noise levels make them just right. We recommend the 17 Mach 2 as the best rimfire cartridge, Its low noise flat trajectory and economical price is exactly right for the Ground Squirrels of Alberta. Most hunters bring the 17 Hmr as it has gained popularity with varmint hunters and predator callers as well. Extra ammo is available at the local sports stores.

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