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Our Camps

Whitetail Deer Hunting Camp

Our whitetail deer, wolf, elk and ground squirrel (gopher) hunts take place from our fully furnished lodge located 40 minutes south of Grande Prairie Alberta. With 3 bedrooms in the lodge and private cabins located on site, you will be assured a comfortable nigh’ts sleep. Living room, dining room and fireplace create a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding after a day’s hunt.

With bedding, towels and laundry service supplied, it is easy to travel with a minimum of luggage.

Our hunting area is a mix of private and public hunting land in the foothills of Alberta, where rising ridges of pine and poplar give way to the Rocky Mountains in the background. Using trucks and quads (ATV’s), we access our hunting area via the logging and oil roads.

Hunting stands are located looking over cut blocks and pipelines.

Bear Hunting Camp

Our spring bear hunts are conducted in the Peace River area of Alberta WMU 520, about 500 miles north of Edmonton, Alberta. With an area of 9000 square miles, it is easy to see how we continue to hunt for big bears each year. The zone is a mix of muskeg swamp and beaver dams, with rolling hills covered in poplar and spruce forests. We access the hunting areas using the oil and gas exploration roads.

Our bear camp is entirely self-contained, with heated wall tents accommodating two, a large cooking/eating tent with all the conveniences a cook could wish for, and a propane heated shower. Warm water is provided each morning and evening at the washstand outside each tent. As needed, the camp attendant lights the fire in the tents each morning and evening, as well as providing plenty of wood to stay warm all night.

We do all we can to provide comfortable accommodation even in the remote area we hunt. You will experience a camp like no other.

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