Alberta Wolf

Winter Wolf Hunts

Alberta Wolf Hunting Overview

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We offer winter wolf hunts in northwestern Alberta. Our six day wolf hunts run from January to March each year. We have been guiding wolf hunts since 1996. During that time, we have been consistently successful in providing our hunters with opportunities to harvest wolves and coyotes. Our success rate has been about 60%, with hunters having 75%  opportunity to take a wolf.

In wolf hunting, it is vital that the guide have an intimate understanding of the area, as well as know the travel habits of the various wolf packs. For these reasons, hunts are conducted from our home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains – an area where I grew up and where I have continually hunted wolves.

There is no limit on the number of wolves or coyotes a hunter may take. All wolves and coyotes taken will be brought back to the lodge for skinning and salting.

Wolf hunting camp

This hunt is conducted from our lodge 40 minutes from Grande Prairie. To view pictures of the accommodations, see our Camp page.

Many of the areas we hunt adjoin private ranches where wolves and coyotes regularly prey on cattle. Therefore, the landowners are more than happy to assist us and allow us to operate on their property.

What to Expect Hunting Wolf With Alpine

The use of logging and oil roads in the area gives us access to large areas of country, even in the deep snows of winter. Wolf hunts take place at baited sites with heated blinds. Tracking and calling of wolf packs is also effective when conditions are favorable.

Expect your shots to be 200 yards when sitting in a blind and closer when calling wolves or coyotes. While in your blind, the guides will be out looking for sign and checking the other baits, making sure that all hunters are in the best location to have a successful hunt.

Temperature and snow conditions can vary greatly from year to year, with average snow depth of 16 inches and average temperature of 0 Fahrenheit. With the use of heated blinds, it is possible to hunt comfortably in the cold weather.

Wolf Hunting Dates and Costs

Wolf Bow Hunts

We have successfully guided bow hunters for both coyote and wolf. Although it is a challenge, with the use of portable ground blinds and shoot-through screens, it is now very possible for a hunter to take a wolf. With the use of predator calls, calling a wolf into bow range is an experience long remembered.

Our Bow and Rifle hunts are six-days running from January to March: Monday – Saturday, with arrival and departure on Sunday.

Hunt Cost Includes:

  • 1 guide to 2 hunters is $3,800 USD per hunter
  • License fee and GST included
  • Transportation to and from Grande Prairie
  • Guiding services during the hunt
  • Transportation, food & lodging during the hunt

Not Included with the Hunt:

  • Air transportation
  • Meals & accommodations on “non-hunting” days
  • Taxidermy, shipping of trophies
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Gratuities