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We run our late season moose hunts in November. We take 4 hunters each November and the hunt can be combined with Whitetail Deer and Wolf. In November of 2014, we killed 3 moose for 4 hunters with multiple opportunities, on bulls. An average of 10 moose were seen each day. Wolf and Deer were also seen. The bulls taken were from 35 to 45 inches.

We hunt moose…

by driving logging and oil roads and looking at cut blocks for feeding moose. By spotting and stalking we can cover large areas of ground looking for trophy bulls. I have been hunting moose in this area since 2001 and have consistently killed 4 of 4 or 3 of 4 bulls each year.


Moose hunt in October

We are now offering a 2 on 1 Rut Moose hunt in October. We hunt by calling and spot and stalking for this hunt in the last 2 years we have had 100% success. A Moose every time.

The price for the 6 day Moose hunt is $4900 + licence of $400 USD and GST tax of 5%

The price for the Moose, Deer combo hunt is $6500 + Licence of $600 USD and GST of 5%