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Ground Squirrel Hunting

Gopher Hunting Overview

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Our high volume gopher hunts are done in the month of June, as the pups are emerging from their dens and the grass is still short.

Richardsons Ground Squirrels are burrowing animals that spend winters in hibernation and summers eating the grass and crops from the farms and ranches. They are about 4 ½ to 8 inches tall and 2 or 3 inches thick, not much bigger than a can of pop. With a good rifle you will be amazed at your improved accuracy, after a day of shooting hundreds of rounds at ranges up to 200 yards.

With the large numbers of gophers, it is important that you bring extra magazines for your rifle—at least four is best. Your guide will be busy spotting gophers for you, as well as reloading magazines.

We take hunting groups of up to four. A minimum of two hunters are needed per hunt. Wives and children are welcome, with trips to the West Edmonton Mall available on request.

What to Expect Hunting Ground Squirrel With Alpine

With thousands of acres available to hunt and thousands of gophers per acre you can expect to shoot hundreds of rounds of ammo during your hunt; most hunters average 700 to 900 rounds per day. With our shooting wagon, you can expect a comfortable and steady rest as you shoot; most shots are in the range of 50 to 200 yards +.

With the high volume shooting we do, accurate 22′s or 17′s rimfires are the caliber of choice, Their low recoil, cheap ammo, and low noise levels make them just right. We recommend the 17 Mach 2 as the best rimfire cartridge, Its low noise flat trajectory and economical price is exactly right for the Ground Squirrels of Alberta. Most hunters bring the 17 Hmr as it has gained popularity with varmint hunters and predator callers as well. Extra ammo is available at the local sports stores.

Ground Squirrel Hunting Dates & Costs

Hunters will be picked up at there hotel around 8:00 am, with a 20 min to 40 min drive out to the gopher pastures. Hot Lunch and drinks are provided. Gophers don’t wake up much before 9 am. and are active all day. Shooting usually ends around 6 pm when the gophers stay down there holes. We can also provide rifles for rent and extra ammo will be on hand.

  • Cost: $250 USD per day per hunter

Hunt Cost Includes:

  • Guiding services during the hunt
  • Pick up at hotel, and Lunch during the hunt day

Not Included with the Hunt:

  • Air Transportation
  • Meals & accommodations
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons & ammunition
  • Gratuities
  • 5% Goods & Services Tax

A DVD on this hunt is available; please contact Lowell Davis.

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